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Hiku said:
mZuzek said:

Yes, you can. I bought the game on the Australian eShop and am gonna be playing from Thursday. It's a little more expensive, though.

You can either create an Australian account as Mar1217 said, or just change your account's country to Australia temporarily. It's quite simple, actually.

The dedication!
If it makes the last few hours any less painful, just remember:

Will do.

I do have an excuse, though. I've got a week-long event going on here where I live, everyday from about 5pm 'til midnight. If I were to get Smash on the second cheapest eShop (South Africa), I'd get it while there at the event (I wouldn't get it on the American eShop anyway cause it's 7 hours later and only marginally cheaper). Since I do want to first experience the game on my own, I decided I had to get it on the Australian eShop, so that I can have at least a few hours of enjoying it by myself before going to the event and begin sharing controllers around.

...which is not to say I wouldn't pay the extra otherwise, of course but I might've not.

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