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pokoko said:
Why are people making lists or criticizing other lists using double standards? All it does is call their own judgement into question and make their argument suspect. If someone lists a Haze or an LA Noire than tries to discredit another game for being disappointing then something is wrong.

LA Noire is objectively a good game though, it got an 89 on metacritic. Comparing it to say Destiny from this gen, which got a low 70's score on metacritic at release, you can objectively say that LA Noire was a better new IP (LA Noire user reviews are much higher as well). Every single new/rebooted IP from my last gen list had a game in the series that meta'd 80 or higher if I'm not mistaken, except for the Wolfenstein reboot, and almost all of them had games that meta'd 85 or higher. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 30 November 2018