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SvennoJ said:
Bandorr said:

It has finally arrived.  First it got delayed. Then thanksgiving delayed it again. Then I got an e-mail saying "whoops, how about monday".  Then it came late enough Monday I didn't have time to set it up.

I believe it is now set up. I'm fairly unsure about a lot of things.

Like I thought light was bad, but it tells me I need more light for the camera to see me.  Some things look blurry some don't.

Astro Boy looks great, where as Moss looks like a blurry mess. If I can play Astro boy while sitting down and my camera on top of the TV - why do I have to move it for moss?

Also the "make sure your centered" thing is really weird.  One of them I'm looking for red and blue dots. Yet another I'm looking for a weird shadow I think?

The demo disc has an under water one. It is really creepy to look down and not see any feet.

Astro buy is great. I got all the "astros" in the first level, but what is that last icon? It looks like a lizard or something?

You need to spot the lizards to unlock the challenge levels. Each level has one.

Moss works perfectly fine with the camera on top of the tv while sitting down. Light is just a suggestion, you can play in pitch dark without issues. I have started VR sessions while it was still light outside to re-enter the real world in a pitch dark room lol.

If it's blurry you might have to re-adjust the headset to the sweet spot (move it slightly around on your head) Do the eye calibration test first anyway, under settings, devices, psvr, measure eye to eye distance. You need the lights on for that :) (And not wear the helmet as I was doing lol)

Did the eye test. Guess I'll have to mess around in moss.  I could barely read the instructions and the controls didn't seem to respond well. So I feel like it isn't just an eye thing.

Spot the lizard huh? Interesting.

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