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What do I think of neck tattoos? Well if you get them done properly they can look amazing, had some guy come into my shop with a blue rose on his neck and the lines and shading were atrocious and he said he wished he never had it done, then again he only paid £20 for it which is just, well, yeah... maybe in the future I'll have one myself, I've already got two full sleeves and I'm planning on having something on my chest and upper back which will be starting next year, could lead up onto the neck but who knows, lol.

Tattoos are definitely becoming more socially acceptable now, I'm seeing a LOT more of them, especially on people around my age and younger, although there also still seems to be a stigma with the older folk and especially employers. I know my manager turned someone down for a job working here because she had tattoos on the backs of her hands, yet my manager is fine with me wearing tshirts (Short sleeve) with my full sleeves on show, and plenty of other people have a tattoo or two on their arms too.

It seems like sort of a gamble to be honest, and I think it's unfair how people are still treated based on appearance and not on their ability to do a job.