2nd week of Fall season and as expected, it is starting to settle in pretty nicely and some shows with packed beginning have decided to slow down things a bit ....

They actually left us right in the battle Giorgio was fighting against Zipper-man (I'm really bad with names,sorry), which ended up with a nice speech of our new Jojo protag stating his grand ambitions pretty clearly.

As for SSSS Gridman (Trigger), we were left on a bit of a cliffhanger but it seems we won't have yet an explanation of the phenomenon. Also, it seems like people can actually DIE in a tokusatsu show. Surprisingly we already got a low-key reveal of the actual mastermind behind the kaiju's attacks .... revealing our fav yandere of this season.

Now, after all the "hype and shock" from the 1st epsiode of Dark Souls : Goblins Edition in Fantasy World, we got a neat slower paced episode with GS backstory/psyche at it's core. The receptionist also plays a major chunk of focus during the episode. Also, why is White Fox having such a damn problem with GS constant change of character's animation. They always switching it up between 2D and CG, this is seriously something that I cannot stomach easily while watching that nice and obnoxious jiggle physics from Cow Girl.

And now, SAO Alicization 2nd episode ...

Yes, YES, YES !!!

They finally got the pacing right with the addition of Kirito's inner monologues from the LN (Ok ... maybe not as in-depth as in the LN, but important still).

They'll definitely be using their time to let people sink in carefully into Underworld lore's which is just what I wanted from a series spliting into 4 cours

As always, production values are high but conservative and the camera work makes such a difference now from how the director from S1/S2 was doing things (Like the coffee shop scene). Now if they keep this up for the next episodes, I can feel we'll have something special here.

Now, I guess we still have 3 episodes left (hopefully) until we get to book #10

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