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deskpro2k3 said:
I hear the fascist guy got stabbed and survived.

Sounds faker with each passing day. He used it as an excuse to miss out on pretty much every political debate or interview since, knowing that he can't hold his own when put under pressure.

@Metallox, I'm not concerned about the politics of it. I'm nearly convinced he will turn Brazil into a dictatorship again, though I do know that can't happen in such a short time. What I'm concerned about is the rampant fascism. 62% of people here voting for him means 62% of people are okay with violence, hate and prejudice. There's attacks on leftists, LGBTs, and women going on all the time, everywhere. I study music, you can imagine what a lot of people at my college are like... and what do far-right Christian extremists think about that? They could attack the place at any time.

I've never been this afraid before. I'm afraid to walk outside, afraid to do anything, afraid to say anything. That's as good as changing my rights altogether.