Shiken said:
Well seeing how DOOM and Wolfenstein II run on it, DOOM Eternal will run on it, NBA2K18/19 run on it, etc...

The only thing that does is make them look untalented as developers. Not to mention CoD would sell crazy on the Switch. Guess they do not like money?

Or they lack common sense.

sundin13 said:
This has been the mindset towards Nintendo consoles for years. Nothing has changed.

Probably because "Nintendoomed is teh kiddeh systum!!".

wombat123 said:

After seeing the responses from Nintendo fans, I expect the guy to go on twitter proclaiming how much he loves the Switch and later post a picture of a Switch with games that he lifted from somewhere else.

Oh that will go over SO WELL.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Actually that's kind of funny that happened just because I was recently thinking about how that Titanfall dev laughed at the idea of the Switch getting a Titanfall game back before it was released ...

I think it is obvious by now that most publishers/developers are just not going to put in the effort. It could probably play on Switch though.

Then most publishers/developers are just lazy in that regard.