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BTW, here are all the games on Steam that are over 10m players in the recently Steam data leak:

Team Fortress 2- 50,191,347
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive- 46,305,966
Unturned- 27,381,399
Left 4 Dead 2- 23,143,723
PAYDAY 2- 18,643,807
Garry's Mod- 18,576,379
Warframe- 16,332,217
Counter-Strike: Source- 15,001,876
Paladins- 14,371,946
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- 13,235,488
Terraria- 13,132,545
Portal 2- 13,062,700
Sid Meier's Civilization V- 12,701,498
Grand Theft Auto V- 12,604,123
Borderlands 2- 11,218,936
Robocraft- 10,145,493
Rocket League- 10,110,342

Some of those are F2P, and some of them have most likely had free weekends which skewed players vs sales, but do with it what you will.