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Azzanation said:
I really hope consoles go back with Nvidia, there such a quality brand. Nintendo did it and MS might consider it since there recent relationship with Nintendo and the Switch, that would also make porting easier for Nintendo and Xbox. Plus Nvidia might suprise us with a budget card comparable with AMDs next gen card, hoping.
The real deal is the 11 Series cards, there going to blow my mind, i am in love with my GTX1080 and it does everything i need it for, i can only imagine how good the next model is, even if its a small jump, any jump from an already overpowered GPU is a good thing.

I hope not. Only AMD can offer a big CPU upgrade and a mid-range GPU in the same chipset for a good price for next gen imo. Going with a separate CPU and GPU would complicate cooling, be expensive, and ruin backwards compatibility if they went with Nvidia + Intel instead of AMD + AMD. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 21 August 2018