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Barkley said: 
I always thought it would do very well on PC. Really good sales!

To think, it was the best selling monster hunter when it passed 4.9m, and the best selling capcom game when it passed 7.4m. And now it's at 10.3m+ and still heading up!

Bringing Monster Hunter multi-platform is the biggest success story, with sales like that they should never go back.

@Barkley I forgot that the previous best selling Monster Hunter 'only' reached 4.9 Million. That's an incredible improvement. Although the development budget for the game was also higher than for the 3DS games. Though on top of retailing for $60 instead of $40, with this huge number of sales, there's no doubt that profits for this game are already really good.

Mnementh said: 
JRPGfan said: 

60fps games, get massive resolution degrade, texture degrade, effects ect... and its playable at HALF the FPS on the Switch.

Im not sure MHW would turn out great.

Would you play a MHW that runs half the resolution of the PS4, and 15 fps capped? with certain effects dialed back? and lesser textures ect.
if so then yes, the Switch *could* run such a MHW.

Effects, draw distance, resolution, polycount - there are a lot of ways to tune performance. Capcom don't WANT to change the look too much.

How much power have the low end computers running MHW?

Effects, draw distance, resolution, polygon count, texture details, shadows, and even obstructing the view on certain objects so they wouldn't have to be rendered... all those things were sacrificed on Doom for Switch, and they still cut the framerate in half on top of all of that. And Digital Foundry said it was almost unbeliavable what they managed to accomplish.
Monster Hunter World doesn't even run at a stable 30 fps on PS4. 
And so far seemingly every PS4 to Switch port has been a game that ran at 60f that they could cut in half, or worse.
If there was a precedence for a port like MHW (a fairly demanding game that doesn't hit 30f on PS4) then I'd be more inclined to think it could be pulled off with relatively acceptable results. But I'm still waiting to see a game like that.

Even at this E3, big Japanese games like Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, Sekiro, Jump Force, Dead or Alive 6, etc were announced for every system except Switch.

Last edited by Hiku - on 13 August 2018