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tbone51 said:
mZuzek said:
Would like to see some megas for the likes of Flygon, of course. Sorely needed. But if it is gen 1 only, which it will be, I guess...

5. Venomoth
4. Nidoqueen / Nidoking
3. Golduck
2. Sandslash
1. Ninetales

Also wouldn't mind a god damn Farfetch'd evolution. It's so long overdue.

He was suppose to get 1 in gen 2 according to the beta. He suits a Fighting/Flying type!

Your top 5 would they change typing?

Well, I'd have Golduck and Ninetales both gain the Psychic type, but of course they should have always had it in the first place. Nidoqueen and Nidoking could become something like Rock/Poison and Steel/Poison respectively or whatever, that could be kinda cool. Venomoth should be Psychic as well.