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I haven't even read the details of post, but I love him, so that's mostly awesome. However....I can't help but notice that he's lost a step or two. That's not a slight, and I attribute it to age, which nips us all before that last big bite. Now I'm gonna read the op.


Also, I haven't watch the new ST series, nor the 3rd of the new movies ( or Enterprise for that matter ). But from what I think I know, my head is spinning at the timeline/continuity implications of this series.

Maybe this guy can make sense of it.


Yeah, he's definitely getting pretty old at this point, 78 I believe. I'm actually kind of surprised that CBS turned to him out of all the 90's Star Trek actors for a new Trek series, considering his age. I feel like maybe there were better choices, I know Michael Dorn actually wants to do a series where Worf is the captain of a ship, and I'm sure that several of the other younger Trek actors would have leapt at the chance to make a new show as well. I'm sure Garret would love to do a show where Harry Kim is a captain, after he was stuck as an Ensign for all those years, lol. A Riker/Troi show would have been cool, as would a show following Data as the captain of the Enterprise after Picard retired (officially Picard retired a few years after Nemesis and Data became captain of the Enterprise E). 

I have to assume this series will be in the Prime timeline, highly doubt it will be set in the alternate timeline created for the JJ movies. I just hope they are smart and keep the visual design consistent, give us an updated modern take on the design language of the 90's shows (LCARS and all) and make sure that Klingons look like the Klingons the older fans know and love, not those monstrosity Klingons from STD. 

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