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Green098 said:
mZuzek said:

If you can, try to get the Japanese version of Okami, digital or physical.

You'll thank me one day... hopefully.

I was actually thinking of getting the Japanese version of Okami on Switch just so I could get it physically, but for right now at least it's sold out on play asia.

But you've made me curious as to what's the difference between the pal and jp versions...

Supposedly, the credits. If you've never beat Okami, which I'm assuming is the case, you wouldn't know this of course, but the original PS2 version had some pretty sweet credits music and it was the perfect send-off for the beautiful adventure this game is, but that song has been since removed from every non-Japanese version. Whether the Japanese version will have this song on Switch, there's no way to tell for sure, but I'm definitely willing to take the risk and pay extra for it, because if the song is there, that would mean finally a perfect version of Okami with all the features from every version + portability and touch controls.