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I miss it alot and I think if capcom were to bring Darkstalkers back it'll look more like killer instinct Xbox One I dont think they'll bring the 2d sprites back they ditched those sprites for street fighter 5 avoiding street fighter 3rd strike drawn sprites. And they did ditch MVC2 drawn sprites for MVC3 graphics though Street fighter 5 arcade edition does not look as good as Killer Instinct Xbox One . I do know this gen is about to finish so an Xbox Scarlett and PS5 will appear sooner . If capcom does make a Darkstalkers game again probably not but hoping they will and releases in next gen with the help of Iron Galaxy the same team that made Killer Instinct look so good . Capcom did alright job in Street Fighter 5 but its not as good looking as Killer Instinct . 


Iron Galaxy did MVC:I I think but I think It was rushed ? well here are pics


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