GribbleGrunger said:
Bristow9091 said:
Surprised you haven't commented on this or the Dreams video I posted in Playstation Nation lol :P

I'm actually seriously considering buying No Man's Sky after this update because it seems to add a lot to the game and make it look so much better and fun to play... and it only took two years! :P

I don't tend to go into that thread. Sorry :(

Ah but this is a new thread created by myself with the help of Aura. It's a  shame you don't visit, you'd be a big help in providing news and stuff, lol :P 

Nymeria said:
We complain about delays, but would NMS had been better off coming out now with all these updates. I know people that were so excited about it, played it for a week, and consider it one of the great disappointments of this generation and moved on.

I don't complain about delays if their purpose is to make the game better and not just a silly scheduling thing... I do think No Man's Sky should have been released later, and if it did release now, with everything that's been added, it would've actually been well received and could have been something big.