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Ka-pi96 said:
A new PS thread, and with Bristy as the OP too? :O Go Bristy!

Couldn't have picked a worse mod for the job, right? :P But thanks for the support lol :P

I'm also back at my computer now (I'm generally away from home Mon-Tues, so it's nice to have a co-owner with Aura to help out on these days) so I can resume posting and such, lol.

As for what I'm playing right now... Persona 5. Still.

I'm at like 105 hours, finished the sixth palace, sort of, just need to wait for the deadline to tick down, and until then I've been farming voice lines in mementos for the "Passionate Listener" trophy, although I'm just about ready to give up trying on it because it's taking forever, lol. Not the game, the trophy, that's where the last 5-10 hours of playtime have all been, lol.

I think afterwards I'm gonna' start working on the shorter games of my backlog, maybe hit up Titanfall 2 for a change of pace (JRPG to FPS) or finally get round to playing Uncharted 4, lol. 

By the way, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is a pretty great game, and the story does indeed get better, it just takes a while to actually get going, but the last half of the game is vastly superior to what comes before it, so I'd say stick it out and you'll enjoy the payoff.