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FentonCrackshell said:
I hope so lol. I’d love ro have a girlfriend who’s a gamer. A buddy of mine is married to a fellow gamer and she goes on hours-long Overwatch binges with him and sometimes stays on when he signs off lol. I also have a cousin who met his wife on World Of WarCraft 12 years and 4 kids later they’re still WOW fanatics. So I’m hoping my God Of War-playing, Hot Shots-golfing lady is out there. With my luck she’s on another console and I’m a Sony gamer lol.

Don't worry buddy, she's out there!

Although when I first met my girlfriend her only current gen console was an XBO... thankfully she came to her senses and bought a PS4 shortly after and even played her first ever Final Fantasy game... Final Fantasy X :P 

Kinda' bummed that she thinks Final Fantasy XV is the better game though... like, sure, even I like XV, but... better than X? WOT.