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Yerm said:
i wouldnt necessarily put it that way, but i never liked buying used games because the idea that somebody else used it before me is a bit unappealing. somebody else bought it, took the plastic casing off, probably threw the box aside for however long they owned it, used the game for a bit, then returned it. in the past year ive opened up a bit to buying used games just because i found a local retail store that sells them at pretty unbeatable prices. 3DS games that still cost $40 anywhere else could be as low as $25, and some older games getting as low as $10. but still, looking at these games, there is noticeable wear and tear. the box is a bit dinged up, the cartridge sticker will occasionally have something stained on it, and it just doesnt feel like im buying a quality product. as for myself, i buy a game, i put the box on a shelf, if its a 3DS game i put the cart in my carrying case, and nothing bad ever happens to them. and it just feels nice to have all my games of the same like-new quality, so when i do get the occasional used game with even some slight wear and tear, i cant help but cringe at it.

I've been avoiding anything used lately and when I feel buying a Retro game I buy a Brand New sealed copy like say A sealed copy of chrono trigger for SNES with all its glory. I remember buying A used copy of dead or alive 3ds the box look fine but it definately looked used didn't look brand new . It's extremely hard to find a used game that looks extremely brand new. 

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