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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Yeah I didn't get the "slur" part either. I can see how it's offensive to someone with autism but yeah, I don't see it as offensive and I don't think it's meant to be offensive either. Every time I've seen the meme it's making fun of an ambiguous group of people, like Playstation fans: Auti- ... well ... you get my point Curl : - ) 

It's the equating of A to B.  The actions of the screeching individual is seen as a negative by the readers and the association with autism carries that same negative connotation.  Add in the pose and the general sense of mockery and it's certainly meant to be offensive. 

Here is the test.  Replace autism with someone other word in the meme.  Do you feel it requires a word with a negative association to be an effective meme?

thismeintiel said:
Boy, this is getting annoying. Eventually we'll have no words to express ourselves because they will all be labeled offensive by some group or another. We'll all just talk in grunts. But then certain grunts will be labeled offensive.

If you can't express yourself without the use of offensive and/or derogatory content, then you have poorly compiled your vocabulary.  It's really not difficult. 

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