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Yeah I do think some games are announced WAY too early, but part of the blame lies with the fans themselves for being too impatient to wait until there's sufficient material to show off, so we're drip fed the smallest things to keep us "happy", like maybe a few screenshots or a tweet telling us they're still working on it, or if we're really lucky a trailer... and then we complain because there isn't enough or that it's too long... I guess developers shouldn't cave in so easily and just announce games like 6-12 months before they plan to release them, that way we get plenty of info and such in a shorter period of time and everyone is happy. But then there's always the leaks and such which keep people speculating and expecting new info sooner too, lol.

tl;dr yes some games are announced too early, but I think the fans are just as much to blame as the developers.