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MasterThief said:
Bristow9091 said:

Knack 2 was announced at PSX 2016! and MedEvil Remake is pretty big for someone like me :(

I really mad about the whole knack thing its a waste of talent. just a bad idea to begin with


excited for MediEvil tho . I hope its more like the ratchet remake. some improved gameplay as well 

But Knack 2 was actually a big improvement on a game that I already considered good in the first place, and I did actually consider Knack 2 to be a "big announcement" because it's something I wanted but never expected, things like that are always nice, lol :P 

As for MediEvil, yeah I loved the originals on PSOne, never bought Resurrection on PSP though... but I'm really excited to revisit remade for current gen, especially since it was part of my childhood along with Crash and Spyro which both have remakes/remasters too, good times! :D