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Assassin Creed Odyssey - I was expecting just another Assassin Creed game in a setting a couldn't care for and really no choice of gender again (that I could play the full game as at least). But ... we got a game in one of my most wanted settings, a full blown RPG with a female protag (that i can play the full game as) the most excited I've ever been for an Assassin Creed game.

Nioh 2 - I found the first game to be pretty great, but my biggest problem was William, I honestly didn't find him interesting as a character and after beating the game just didn't go back. I would have loved a character creation, I dislike playing forced males in RPGs (I've always wanted character creation + fuedal Japan era) and that's exactly what Nioh 2 is delivering (confirmed to have character creation) so I absolutely cannot wait for this one.

Cyberpunk: 2077 - Probably going to be the most ambitious RPG this gen, being First Person doesn't bother me to much, character creation is confirmed so that's even better. This one could easily go down at one of the greatest games in the last decade if they do it right.

Honourable mention would have to be Control (I was debating putting it at my number 3 spot) I like Remedy games for the most part and even for all its flaws I enjoyed Quatum Break. This looks pretty much like a spiritual successor to QB with a female lead, and for that ... it fully has my attention.

Was a strong E3 for female protags this year and that for me is great.

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