Unfortunately, Nintendo is the only publisher out there who rarely discounts their games. The industry standard is roughly a drop to $40 within 3 months of release, $30 within 6 months, and $20 within a year. But with Nintendo games, it's more like $40 after 2 or 3 years, then no further discounts after that. It's a real shame. The other publishers believe that the increased volume sales thanks to frequent discounts is worth making less profit per sale, and I tend to agree, more volume sales equals more total people experiencing your game, and therefore a maximized number of fans for that IP who will continue to buy games in that IP into the future. 

I'd love to buy Pokken Tournament DX when I get my Switch later this year, as well as it's DLC, but 10 months after release it's still $60 new, so I'd have to pay $75 to get the game and it's DLC, which I'm just not willing to pay. I also want to get Zelda once I get a Switch, but of course Zelda is such a massive game that $60 doesn't seem like such an unfair price for it, compared to $60 for Pokken.

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