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RolStoppable said:
The scoring system is quite top-heavy and it has a hole in the knockout stage. I would have gone with something like 10 points each for correct round of 16 teams (160 points), quarter finalists (80 points), semifinalists (40), finalists (20) and World Cup winner (10), plus 5 points for the Third Place. What bothers me is that your scoring system has no points from quarter finals until final while the World Cup winner is assigned with lots of points. This makes the outcome of the contest very dependent on predicting the World Cup winner correctly while doing well in other categories doesn't matter all that much. My suggested system would award 50 points for the World Cup winner due to stacking of points throughout the knockout stage (5x10) while getting quarterfinalists and semifinalists right would also mean something.

How many points you want to hand out for each prediction is up to you, but quarter finals to participants in the final should be worth something. The rest of the rules is very coherent and comprehensive, but the scoring system isn't. I wouldn't assign increasing point rewards throughout the tournament, because keeping the same 10 points for each round already creates a stacking effect.

I'm happy to change the scoring system if people would prefer something different. There are the points for individual match predictions still, so there's not absolutely nothing between group stage and the final at the moment. I'm also not keen on the idea of predicting the knockout stages at the same time as group stages/winner simply due to how different the knockout stages could end up from early predictions.

What do you think about having separate knockout stage predictions after the group stage (with the deadline being the first match of the knockout stage)? That gives everybody a chance to get those right even if they picked the wrong teams to get through the group stage.

I also like the idea of predicting the tournament winner before anything even kicks off to be worth more. So what do you think about 20pts for tournament winner (if predicted before world cup starts), 10pts for Golden Boot winner (pre-World Cup predictions only) 10pts for each quarter finalist, semi finalist, finalist & winner (except those who get 20pts for the winner).

Edit: Offering 10pts for the pre-tournament winner prediction as well as 10pts for the knockout stage winner prediction (with them stacking up if the same team is predicted in both) could be an alternative method than 20 or 10 for the winner. Gives people the option of doubling up their points by sticking to their original prediction, or changing their prediction and having two possibilities at 10pts for the winner rather than 1 chance at 20pts.

BraLoD said:

No predictions for anything should be allowed by the time the first game starts. (Just a second round after the first stage is over)
Also you should account points for guessing the order of the group winners as well.

Based on the second round comment it seems you think there should be separate knockout stage predictions as well? See my proposal above and let me know what you think.

I definitely do want there to be predictions for each individual match as well though and there's really no reason not to allow them after the tournament starts. They've been a staple of previous tournament prediction leagues and it makes it interesting throughout the tournament if people keep predicting match results. The bulk of the points will almost certainly come from the individual match predictions but I do think somebody that is actively predicting correct match results throughout the tournament should do well (or even win) the league.

As for points for guessing the group winners too, well there is the issue that people who've already predicted may have done them in any order rather than 1/2. What do you think about 1 bonus points for each group winner? A bit of a token gesture, but I don't want people who got both teams right, but the order wrong, to be disadvantaged too much.


If anybody else doesn't want these things to change or has any other suggestions, I'm happy to hear them

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 01 June 2018