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Nozz-A-La said:

Does not mean much

Also this. 90% of decent blockbusters these days just get the same scores, because critics can't be bothered to actually give them a fair and proper rating - except when they have some political message, such as Black Panther or The Last Jedi, in which case they're instantly amazing.

To be fair, both The Last Jedi and Black Panther had stellar cinematography, but shouldn't be the only determining factor for how good a movie is and it certainly isn't for critics because many movies with great cinematography have much lower scores. Personally, one of these two is among my favorite ever films, and the other is one of the worst I've seen in recent memory, so... yeah, movie critics just don't matter at all.

I'd say if a movie has a metacritic below 50 or 55 at most, yeah, it's probably bad and I'd rather avoid it. But anything above 60 has the potential to be awful, average, good or amazing.



Edit: moreso, when it comes to Disney Star Wars films, the critic and fan reception has been inversely proportional. Critics say TLJ > TFA > RO, whereas fans say the exact opposite, myself included.