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Wyrdness said:
shikamaru317 said:


New Deus Ex isn't happening yet sadly. Square had Eidos Montreal make Shadow of the Tomb Raider instead of the 3rd game in the Adam Jensen Deus Ex series, since Crystal Dynamics was busy with the Avengers game.

They have quite a bit to improve on tbh in regards to DE as the last game felt rushed.

Very true. Mankind Divided was a bit of a disappointment. Only 1 hub city compared to 2 in Human Revolution. Reused animations from Human Revolution, many of which were already dated in 2011. Very few returning characters from Human Revolution. Very little progression on Adam's personal story from Human Revolution. Disappointing cliffhanger ending. Probably for the best that they take their time on it, would be nice to see the final Adam Jensen game next gen.