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As you all have probably noticed by now, the new "mobile friendly" home page is up and running - if you are running into anything strange looking, PLEASE make sure to dump your cache.

I take absolutely NO CREDIT for the work that went into this, this is all @TruckOSaurus as he had started this work, long before I came back. I did some clean-up recently to get it ready for live (in particular, some Firefox compatibility cleanup) and added some new features - but the vast majority of this work was done by Trucks, and I'm just happy as hell to finally bring it live for him!!!

This is our first step towards a fully mobile friendly website (the GameDB and Prediction League pages, already use most of this same framework - although they still need a bit of clean-up to be fully mobile ready) - the forums will be coming soon enough.

Please make sure to let me know in this thread, if you run into any troubles!!!