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1. Cut taxes for middle class and make the rich pay more.

Reality - After passing the new tax laws, he told a group of rich friends at Mar-A-Lago, "You all just got a lot richer."
According to the Tax Policy Center, by 2027, the top 1% will receive 83% of all the reduced taxes while the bottom 53% of all Americans will pay more in taxes.

2. Cut special interest loopholes.

Reality - His tax laws retained all of them.  Including the infamous "carried interest" loophole that benefits real estate developers and hedge fund managers.

3. Replace Obamacare with something "beautiful".

Reality - It was replaced with nothing and now 13 million people will lose healthcare this year and 23 million by 2026 according to the Congressional Budget Office.

4. Invest $1 trillion in infrastructure.

Reality - After the tax cuts, no money was left to invest.  His current plan is just $200 billion.  1/5th what he promised. 

5. Drain the Swamp.

Reality - He has brought in more billionaires, lobbyists, corporate lawyers, CEOs and Wall Street investment bankers than any administration in history.  He's also heavily populated departments and regulation agencies with former heads of companies from the very industries they are supposed to regulate.

6. Run government like an efficient business.

Reality - More departures in the first year than any president in history by far. The dysfunction and internal mistrust are at historic levels.

7. Bring down prescription drug prices.

Reality - Not only have prices not gone down but most have gone up.  20 major prescription drugs have even seen a 200% increase in price since Trump took office.

8. Ban on foreign election financing.

Reality - Not only has this not changed but he literally solicited foreign financing.

9. No cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Reality - All 3 are now fair game to help pay for the tax cuts.

10. 6 weeks of paid maternity leave for mothers whose job does not provide it.

Reality - Tax cut killed this initiative and what is left is being pushed onto the states to handle..

11. Label China as a "currency manipulator".

Reality - Not only has he rescinded this designation but he's bow starting a trade war all while praising their new law to make Chinese president Xi Jinping president for life.

12. Promised not to bomb Syria.

Reality - He bombed it just a few days after saying he wouldn't.

13. Mexico will pay for the southern border wall.

Reality - Then he said Mexico will pay for it with increased tariffs on goods exported to the US.  Then he said Congress will fund it.  Now he wants the military to pay for it with the increased funding he gave them.

14. Sue his sexual misconduct accusers.

Reality - He's not suing them because he knows the truth will come out. And we've all seen how this has played out with new accusers and affairs.

15. Claimed he'd be too busy to take vacations/go golfing.

Reality - 1 out of every 4 days has been spent on one of his golf properties and at great expense to tax payers which he profits from.  This cost to tax payers is exacerbated by the security required for his family that travel a lot.

16. Force companies to keep jobs in the US and apply consequences for offenders.

Reality - Even companies he campaigned from like Carrier and GM have still sent jobs to foreign nations with no consequences and a massive tax break.  Further, Carrier's parent company has been awarded 15 new federal contracts since announcing plans to move 1,000 jobs to Mexico.

17. Bring thousands of jobs to the coal industry.

Reality - 6 coal based power plants have closed/converted to other fuels since Trump took office and there are filings for another 40 plants to do the same in the next 3 years.

18. Protect and add jobs to the steel industry.

Reality - Steel imports were up 20% since he took office.  And his steel tariff is expected to hurt dozens of other industries thereby doing for more harm than good.  China just announced billions in response tariffs.

19. Make America safer.

Reality - 3 of the worst mass shooting sin US history took place in his first year.

20. Said he'd release his taxes.

Reality - We're still waiting.

Bonus: Eliminate national debt in 8 years.

Reality - His budget is now at a $1 trillion per year deficit.  Our debt will now reach nearly $30 trillion in 8 years.

Last edited by SpokenTruth - on 02 April 2018

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