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Nothing out of the ordinary in the top ten, Nintendo games, CoD, Fifa and GTAV (STILL!), with Dissidia thrown in to mix it up. I must those numbers are rather disappointing, although it got pretty mixed reviews... shame really since I thought it was rather fun from what I played in the beta, although I was never planning on buying it day one or full price anyway. I wonder if it it'll even make its way past 1m, lol.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 slowly but surely making its way to 1m, and I'm surprised at how The Sims 4 has sold... 771k on PS4 and around 400k on XBO (Wish we got exact totals per week in the new database, it's one thing I hate!), obviously it's not really colossal sales of any kind, but still higher than I was expecting considering it released over three years after the original PC release, and I'm not sure if anyone was actually expecting it on consoles.