KLXVER said:
RolStoppable said:

The main point is that Wii U sales do not reflect the size of Nintendo's fanbase, nor do Wii U sales represent Nintendo's most important customers. That's why Nintendo doesn't need to cater to Wii U owners. That console is dead and over. Nintendo has to cater to Switch owners now.

Which includes a lot of people who owned a WiiU...

Nope. You would have to assume that all Wii U owners are early adopters of Switch, but Wii U sales were spread over four and a half years, so that doesn't make sense. It would be more realistic to assume that the number of early Wii U adopters is equal to the number of early Switch adopters who owned a Wii U. So right now you are looking at 3-4m Switch owners who owned a Wii U while 10-11m Switch owners didn't own a Wii U. The latter group is more important because it's much bigger.

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