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walterbates said:

How hard can it possibly be if you’ve got a team of doctors running a battery of tests? You can’t expect someone to perform in those conditions; it’s why the pandas at the zoos never get it on. I’m only human, stop pressuring me!

I don't imagine the amount of germs a person transmits to her is going to impact their performance. Unless they also obsess over germs.

Anyway, this statement seems perfectly fine.
She wants to know a person better before she gets a bit more comfortable in exchanging bodily fluids with them. That's understandable And even then she could get paranoid at times, but we all have our quirks. I can imagine far worse ones.

Also, I’m not sure I want Jennifer Lawrence going into dick withdrawal while she’s supposed to be fixing democracy. We need mixed member proportional representation, and we’re counting on you to get it for us, Jennifer.

How is this related to anything she said?
I think that was a rather unnecessary segway into taking unrelated shots at her.

Last edited by Hiku - on 09 March 2018