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Super_Boom said:
So maybe I'm just dumb and can't figure it out, but do digital purchases count retroactively towards points, or is it basically anything from this point forward?

Also how do I get points for physical games? The My Nintendo site isn't really clear...though again maybe I'm just missing something.

For physical games, you need to insert the game card you want to register and select a Switch user who has a My Nintendo account. Move the cursor over the boxart of the physical game you want to register and press the + button or whatever it is that brings up an option menu. Among the few options that are displayed, one of them is about registering games.

Physical games can be registered until two years after their release date. (*EDIT: That only goes for Europe and South Africa. All other countries have only one year.*) That's why I haven't registered any of mine yet. I wasn't in need of gold coins because the previous setup for gold coins rarely offered anything that was worth redeeming gold coins for, and gold coins expire one year after they have been earned. Thanks to my decision to hold off, I can now receive 60 gold coins for each of my physical games whereas before 18 gold coins were the most you could get from a physical Switch game.


As for digital games, if you had your Switch user account linked with your My Nintendo account, then any eShop purchase you made was automatically rewarded with gold coins. It's not that anything counts retroactively, but rather that you still have the gold coins from before this new system has been put in place. The sad thing is that the previous gold coin setup handed out a lot less gold coins and there's no retroactive adjustment to the new value of gold coins, so anyone who has gold coins from before is looking at a trade-in value that amounts to barely anything now. Hence the frustration from various people in this thread.


Going forward though, everything has fixed rates. 1 gold coin is worth 1 cent. Physical games give you 1% of the RRP on the eShop at the time you registered the game card, so a $60 game results in 60 gold coins (60 cents); this means that you can theoretically grab physical games from the bargain bin of retailers and get an amount of gold coins that far exceeds 1% of the money you spent, because the game's eShop price constitutes the basis that the 1% are calculated from, not what you actually spent at a brick and mortar store. Digital games give you 5% of the amount you spent, so there are no exploits here. You can assign gold coins to virtually every purchase you make on the eShop, be it full games, DLC or already discounted games. The days of waiting for Nintendo to offer desireable rewards are over, from now on you can choose what you want.

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