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JEMC said:

Thanks for your work, axum.

There are quite a few votes, and some games like The Last of Us 2 suffered a lot from it.

Also, imho, the yellow colour to mark the games that will launch works this month works very well.

The yellow definitely works better than the gray. I also changed the gold star out for one that does not have a background. 

You are correct about The Last of Us II but I also think The Last of Us II suffered a bit because Ni No Kuni and God of War have release dates. I also kinda expect Detroit to do better over the next few months because it has a release date as well. 

Mar1217 said:
Thanks for the results.

Kirby finished at a respectable 2nd place on the charts. Was expecting lower to be honest.

But yeah ... is the total number of votes down from last month ?

I was proud of it for making it that high on here. :) It was definitely my number 1 game for last month.

As far as the number of votes, I forgot to put the overall total in there. 

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->

Platform Pts Vts
Playstation 4 335 (-81) 112 (-21)
Nintendo Switch 251 (-93) 80 (-37)
3DS 13 (-6) 5 (-1)
XBox One 130 (+32) 42 (+11)
PC 55 (+18) 20 (+7)
Mobile 3 (+3) 1 (+1)
Total 787 (-128) 260 (-51)