StuOhQ said:
This memo backfired hard on the GOP. When you have republicans admitting it's "not the smoking gun," you probably shouldn't hype something so hard.

It more than beyond backfired. 

1) It didn't do what they wanted.

2) It blew up the republican talking point of "this investigation is based on the dossier" by admitting to it being started with Papa.

3) Then Nunes tells everyone he didn't read the Fisa report.

4) Then Nunes has to admit that the "footnote " DOES mention talking the FISA warrant people about the political connections.

5) Which basically all but forces the house committee to allow the democrat memo out. 

Which results in the jokes about how Trump hasn't read it because it is 10 pages.  And it leaves Trump in a fairly hilarious trap.  If he doesn't allow it out? There goes that transparency. If he redacts anything? There goes that transparency plus there will be rumors of it being out of political spite.

But if he allows it out and un-redacted it will destroy every Republican point in that memo, and more.

Plus we have Jordan trying to hype up the memo - fails. Mentions some conspiracy about secret societies - fails.  Brings up text messages being about Clinton - fails.

Is is one massive failure after another.   They messed up so much I can't believe it.

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