PS4: 1080p/~27-33fps
XBO: 864p/~25-30fps

There appears to be some kind of temporal reconstruction technique present that leaves certain assets in the distance looking less detailed while in motion.

Resolution Mode:
PS4 Pro: 1800p (Checkerboard. More details.) Hangs around 37fps on the first map.
XB1X: 1728p (No checkerboard, overall better clarity than Pro, but less details.) Hangs around 34fps on the first map. Lower avg fps than Pro, but more stable.

Strange difference there.

Performance mode:
PS4 Pro: 1080p/43fps average on the first map (No combat)
XB1X: 1080p/46fps average on the first map (No combat)

Once again, the XB1X exhibits fewer details in the distance for some reason.

No Locked 30f option for any system.
Hopefully Capcom patch that in for Pro/1X at a later date.

Last edited by Hiku - on 31 January 2018