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ZODIARKrebirth said:
Hiku said:

I think it should be a rule of thumb that if you post rumors, you should first explain who the rumor came from, and the history of accuracy from the supposed leaker so that people know if it's worth reading or not.

All I see here is " A 4chan post by IndustryInsiderBro"
That tells me nothing.

I believe the last time I posted a rumor was when Siliconera reported that they had confirmed that FF7 Remake would be at E3 2015.
I posted it because it wasn't reported as a rumor. It came from them. They said they confirmed it themselves. So they put the credibility of their whole site on the line 2-3 days before E3. In spite of that there were some people here who doubted it, but I thought it was very simple logic that it was very likely to be true. And it was.

But in cases like this where the rumor comes from an unidentified random person, it's only interesting to me if they have some prior credibility with leaks

i posted that is a rumor, and with rumors we never know if true or not until confirmed, and the insider that with this rumor also leaked the story about the world ends with you, what was true in the end...

You can assess that some rumors are more worthy of your attention than others based on prior leak credibility.
For example, the person that leaked TMNT and Enchantress for Injustice 2, that was too specific to be guesses so he had my attention for his next batch of leaks.

As for this person, I can't find a link to where he predicted TWEWY for the Nintendo direct. I know there were other rumors about a TWEWY sequel. Without seeing a link, I don't know if he adapted that rumor from someone else, or whatnot.
But I have seen comments like this: "Believing IndustryInsiderBro's shit that has changed multiple times since he started doing it, at that. Can we not bring the stupid over here?"