WoodenPints said:
axumblade said:

This is why I include the 2nd list in my OP to be honest. I think the majority of readers prefer the individual breakdown but I want to show the overall rankings when you combine platforms too. I do think that the overall rankings need to be spruced up so that it's not so barebones. That's one of my goals to work on with this year's most wanted. 

Yea it would be great to see the overall rankings spruced up a little :) I'm one of the guys who generally just looks at the top 10 on the individual list and then scrolls past the rest to view the overall combined list and platform breakdowns but I would have a guess that a lot do it the opposite of viewing the individual lists then scroll to the next post about platform breakdown and the overall rankings can get a little hidden in between the other sections.

Meant to quote you too in my previous statement. If you have any suggestions of how to make the middle part stand out a little, I am all ears. 

Vizigoth04 said:
This is nice factual work. I like a system that takes true votes and takes those numbers into an actual true representation of the people that doesn't lie. I think all media polls are out to be biased and have an agenda. At least with gaming we have a strong representation of the facts. Fun stuff too.

Thank you! I try to make sure everything is upfront as possible :)