epicurean said:
shikamaru317 said:

Just got back. I give it a tentative 8/10, though I feel like I will need to see it again to give it a proper final rating. 


The good:
-It's nowhere near as formulaic as the first movie, and therefore much less predictable
-Poe and Phasma actually get some screentime after barely getting any in Episode 7 despite being billed as main character for that movie
-It's not afraid to take risks

The bad: 
-Pacing problems
-Not all of the risks pay off
-A bit of cringey dialogue
-First Star Wars movie with out a climactic lightsaber battle (one of my favorite things about Star Wars)
-Wasted opportunity to not have Lando come in with a fleet at the end and engage the fleet to give them time to escape from Krait)

Wasn't just Phasma in the one scene at the end when they confront Finn? Or am I forgetting another scene? I didn't think she was on screen more than a couple minutes, but maybe I'm forgetting something.

Yeah, it was just the scene where they captured Rose and Finn, and then the fight scene against Finn at the end. Which is more than she got in Episode 7, literally all she did in Episode 7 was lead the attack on the village on Jakku, talk to Hux some about Finn disobeying, and then get captured by Finn, Han, and Chewie and put in a garbage chute, which felt like a huge waste after they had used her in marketing material for Episode 7 and billed her as a main character.