DAXFM said:
Bandorr said:

Awkward to talk about Switch exclusives.. then includes games that aren't exclusive to the switch.
Gets far more awkward when you include things that aren't even Nintendo exclusives like "Bayonetta 1-2"

You've included games that are on the 3ds, wii u, and ps3/xbox.

Also you included 1-2 switch so I'm not sure I'm actually even suppose to take you seriously at this point.

Along with games with no release date or window, just their name.

And no, I'd argue that (past) SNES was better.

I think Bayonetta 2 will be a Deluxe Version  Like  TLOU R (DLC) on PS4 OR MK 8D, so i believe is a Exclusive on Switch and Bayonetta 1 is a gift (on Physical version)

3DS Games ??? Explain me please

Fire Emblem warrior is also on the 3ds.  Like how Zelda BOTW is on the wii U.

The argument that "adding new content" like with Pokken and Mario kart is interesting, but one I'd dismiss.

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