friendlyfamine said:

Mario Strikers - Seems like wishful thinking. There are no hints towards the franchise getting a sequel and it definitely won't be a next year release either. 

I put it in that slot because it would coincide with the World Cup next year.  It was either next year or 2022, but I thought Nintendo would want the boost early.

In any case, and this goes to Metroid Prime as well, I don't think you can put any stock into Nintendo's upcoming releases based on whether there are hints.  If I'd posted this a year ago and included Xenoblade 2, people would have laughed at me.  Just before the Switch's original reveal, the only confirmed game was Breath of the Wild.  And the only confirmed games for next year remain Kirby, Yoshi, and Fire Emblem.

Pikmin 4, Mario Party, and Mario Maker seem too far off. I would expect all those to be released by 2019. 

I would rather agree, but it's also really difficult to cram everything onto the release calendar.  Some stuff got pushed to later years just because there's no way we could be so blessed to get it all now.