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One game that I always wish I owned but never bought was XIII, remember the cell shaded/comic book style FPS that released way back in 2003?

I went with my mate to Meadowhall (A large shopping mall here) to buy his PS2 (I already had one and talked him into buying one instead of an XBOX, lol) and he picked this game up with it, along with some others... I watched him play the first two levels when we got back and it looked cool, so when he finished the game I asked if I could lend it, and I REALLY enjoyed it... the gameplay was simple, your generic FPS affair, but the graphics and story were, at least I thought back at the time, great!

Not sure if it holds up at all today, never bothered to think about it, in fact I've only just checked how well it did in terms of reviews and stuff for the first time right now, lol... the game just popped back into my head after reading this thread, lol.