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torok said:
CGI-Quality said:

Help me understand, who's done this? I've yet to see a PC-only person attacking anyone.

The first few pages here are full of these comments of people trying to argue a bunch of posts where users are answering the questions. The OP asked for the opinion of console gamers, there's no point in PC-only gamers to try to quote and discuss the personal opinion of people that prefer to play on consoles. That's just attempts to disrupt the thread.

I won't point fingers at specific users because that's probably against forum rules, but they are just there on most pages trying to argue everyone who (blasfemy) thinks that playing a console is better than playing on PC.

I saw, perhaps, one or two PC-only people in the first few pages. Beyond that, when the question asks why "a" is better than "b", people who own/support the "b" are obviously going to get involved. Such a topic asks for both sides, even if indirectly.

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 20 November 2017