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This will be the official VGChartz software adjustments thread from now on. The idea behind this thread is to provide one central place for discussion of adjustments to our software sales estimates, and give me an outlet to announce the adjustments I'm making.

I do intend at some point to introduce a software adjustment requests initiative in this thread, whereby I'll allow (and indeed encourage) users to identify titles that we have overtracked or undertracked with our estimates, and possibly suggest where and by how much they think we need to adjust by. In fact when Talon initially built the adjustment tool for me I intended to open up to requests pretty much straight away.

However, I'll explain why that has been pushed back for the short and medium term:

Since I got my hands on the tool I've been making adjustments from a lengthy list that I had already amassed, in some cases with the help of Boutros. That list features several hundred games, across several countries, and by the time I've completed it I'll have made tens of thousands of individual adjustments, and that's just for this generation and the period of crossover with last generation (a self-imposed cut-off). That in itself is a huge protect, and between making adjustments and doing the weekly charts there simply aren't enough hours in the week to also be taking requests, assessing their veracity, and spending a great deal of time explaining my decision.

So I've decided that I will work through my extensive list of adjustments first, and then I'll start taking requests (in many cases the requests will cover titles already on my list anyway, so it would just take up even more of my time cross-checking), and that will serve to fill in any gaps in my own research and allow for more community sourcing and engagement.

In the meantime this thread will serve as a central place where I can document the adjustments I'm making, so that you all know that a lot of work is being done to improve the figures in the database and can check out the changes that have been made for yourselves.

I've no doubt people will still post adjustment requests in this thread regardless of what I've written above. Although it may come across as curt, all I'm going to do is point them to this introduction.

The Sales Team

Machina - Weekly software charts, software adjustments.

TrunksWD aka William D'Angelo - Weekly hardware charts, hardware adjustments. You can follow his progress in the Official Hardware Adjustments thread here.

Boutros - Key sales threads, additional software adjustments sourcing.



Throughout the week I'll make adjustments whenever I get chance, in-between my other activities on the site. Unlike our hardware adjustments, these adjustments will only roll out onto the main VGChartz site at the end of each full chart week (i.e. after the Global Weekly chart has been posted).

As noted in the introduction, I'm only going as far back as the start of this generation (so late 2012, early 2013), though I might make exceptions for games that appear in the top 100 all-time best-selling games, although even then I'm limited to how far back our full weekly tracking goes.

In this thread I'll document the changes I've made by posting a list each week. This will detail the games adjusted, platforms, regions, and whether they were adjusted up or down. It would be too much work to detail specifically how much they were adjusted by, so I won't be providing that information, but if you're curious as to how it's impacted the totals for a game you can look it up for yourself in the database. 

Note that I'm generally going from country to country, beginning at the start of this generation and working forwards. That means titles may feature repeatedly, receiving minor adjustments over time that eventually result in a major change overall. So if you're aware of a game that's quite severely under or overtracked, but you only see a slight change after I've listed it in this thread, don't worry - that is unlikely to be the last time it gets adjusted and you can expect further changes as I continue to catch up to the present day in terms of adjustments, so there's no need to yell at me for not changing it enough (not yet anyway).

Last edited by Machina - on 17 November 2017