Ka-pi96 said:
shikamaru317 said:

Yep, all they really need to do is go off script more and drop celebrity brain crash. Jeremy, James, and Richard have proven time and again that they're at their funniest when they aren't scripted and are free to just be themselves, that's why the Top Gear Christmas Specials were so popular, they were just the 3 of them exploring a region of the world on a multi-day road trip, being themselves. As for Celebrity Brain Crash, it was a clever way for them to poke fun at the BBC's legal team for trying to block The Grand Tour from having celebrity guests, but it got old pretty quickly, best to drop it now.  

The trailer is promising, the dialogue sounds like it isn't as heavily scripted as the first season was. 

Completely agree with this! The celebrity thing was funny the first time, and then just annoying and tedious every time after that. Would definitely be good if it was less scripted too. I'd much prefer no script really, like you said when they went off on their Top Gear specials and just got up to whatever they wanted, those are the time when they're at their best!

No more celebrity brain crash confirmed!