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Ideas (New Features, QoL Changes, Design)
Article Filtering.
Thread Merging - Moderator Ability.
"Ignore List" for Supporters.
Forum Search Improvements - Search by "All Time" & No Limit on Searches Per Minute.
Messing System Improvements - Remove Yourself From PM Chain.
Revamp Registration Page.
Report Button on User Profiles.

Forum Filtering on Front Page.
Head Moderator Ability - Delete Moderations.
Updated Captcha.
Stickied Threads Appear on Front Page.
Browser Spell-Check in Rich Text.
Topic Must Be Picked When Creating a Thread.
Poll Voting Changed to Account Based.
'See Results' Option on Polls.
Subscribed Threads on Your Buddy
Hardware Adjustments Update
Hardware Graph Colours Changed to Official Colours.
Edit/Remove Polls.
More Game Networks on Profile Settings.
GotY Award Stamps Added to GameDB Pages
Default 'View Results' Option for Polls.
Announcements, Website Feedback and Website Issues Have Been Merged.
Online Gaming, MMO Discussion, Game Specific Boards and Mobile Gaming Have Been Closed.
Poll of the Week.
PM Privacy Options - Everyone, Friends Only & Nobody.
Buddy Subscription Improvements - My Subscriptions Tab.
Prediction League.
Pages Scaling to Screen Resolution.
Replace 'Wii U' With 'Switch' on GameDB Dropbox.
'Sales Team' Tag & Banner + Searchable.
Thread Mention Functionality.
New Notification Settings.
'Agreed' on Posts.
New Layout.
Desktop Mode for Mobile.
Dark Theme.
Classic Blue Theme.
Polls Show What You Voted For.
Spoiler Tagging for Images/GIFS.
Emoticon Dropbox.
Moderator Ability - Transfer Thread to Another User.
New Text Editor.
Ability to Change Email Address.
'Series' Added to GameDB
HTTPs Security.

Fixes (Bugs, Broken Features)
Article Comments Section Not Allowing for Paragraphs/Line Breaks
Properly Display Youtube Videos on Mobile.
Restore Old Posting History.

Fix Incorrect Post Counts in Threads.
Account Verification Email.
Mobile Login Issue Fixed.
Rich Text Formatting Fixes.
Fix Recent Threads in Forum Index.
Automatic Badge Updates.
Return to Edited Post.
Add Broken/Missing GameDB Platform Images
Allow Subscribing to Owned Threads and Unsubscribe to Owned Threads
"Add Games" Box Hangs Off-Screen in Thread Creation

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 10 April 2020