Been a long time since I did one of these, and since there isn't much new stuff here to interest me lately, I decided I'd do another How'd You Do It?.

One medium in which to adapt video games that isn't as recognized as cartoons is comic books. Comics based on games, just like video game cartoons, have been hit (Super Mario Adventures and Archie's Mega Man) or miss (Pokemon Adventures and Archie's Sonic). I'm excited for the Splatoon manga and the ARMS graphic novel, but of course I hope they're faithful enough to their source materials.

Let me start this off with a game I'd turn into a comic book, and how I'd go about doing so.


-Star Fox


-Western comic book

Art Style:

-Similar to that of Star Fox 2.


-Starts with the events of the first Star Fox, while incorporating some assets from Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard.

-Slippy is somewhat more competent in air combat, and also fatter like in the first game, though he slims down as the comic progresses.

-Miyu and Fay have a dedicated issue to show how they ended up joining the Star Fox team.

-During the adaptation of Star Fox 2 Star Wolf is defeated like in game, except Wolf, Leon and Pigma survive while Algy is killed off.

-Andross has to replace half his face with cybernetics after his defeat from the first game, and after his second defeat in Star Fox 2 he's barely alive, forcing him to use a drastic experiment to heal his body, thus turning him into his Star Fox 64 form.

-Andrew Oikonny is brought into Star Wolf's ranks only so Andross doesn't have to put up with his annoying behavior.

-The team gets the Great Fox after their mothership from Star Fox 2 is destroyed.

-Miyu and Fay are forced to leave Star Fox after being paralyzed from a dangerous mission.

-The adaptation of Star Fox Adventures downplays the game's fantasy aspects.

-Krystal escapes Krazoa Palace with Kyte instead of being imprisoned by Andross' ghost, and gets to fight alongside Star Fox during their mission on Sauria.

-Tricky is way less annoying, and able to hold his own against the Sharpclaws.

-Fox gets an actual final showdown with General Scales, ending in the general's death, followed by Andross revealing Scales was just a pawn.

-Since Krystal doesn't get trapped at the palace, Andross posesses Fox and tries to make him kill her, saying that if she doesn't channel the Krazoa to revive him, he'll force her to kill Fox to protect herself.

-Andross gleefully reveals that he destroyed Cerinia (Krystal's home planet) when testing interplanetary missiles during the events of Star Fox 2, clearly not caring about the consequences.

-After Fox and Falco kill Andross for good, Krystal discovers that a portion of her people, and surprisingly her parents, survived their planet's destruction, so she leaves to help rebuild their civilization.

-Everything in the events of Star Fox Assault stays the same.

-Fox doesn't make Krystal leave the team, and instead they both plan on disbanding the team so that they can marry and start a family, but that's put on hold when the Anglars attack Corneria.

-The comic itself would conclude with the Anglar Emperor's death, followed by a "Where are they now?" montage; Fox and Krystal marry and have a son named Marcus. Falco now teaches potentiel pilots at the Cornerian Air Academy. Slippy and Amanda are expecting children of their own.


-IDW Publishing

Now what's a video game franchise you'd make into a comic, how, what would you change, and who would publish it?

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