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SteamWorld Dig 2 (Switch eShop)

One of the best indie games on the 3DS has got a sequel on Switch and other platforms after an intermezzo in the turn-based strategy genre (SteamWorld Heist). Developer Image & Form didn't attempt any experiments with SteamWorld Dig 2, so chances are good that you'll like it if you liked the original. The second Dig costs slightly more than twice as much as its predecessor, but it justifies its price by adding more variety and increasing the length.

Aside from a higher number of caves that feature a healthy amount of platforming, the most intriguing addition to the formula are gears that can be found everywhere. Said gears can be put into equipment slots to enable helpful perks, and they can be changed back and forth as often as you like. It may be tempting to dig down on the shortest path, but paying attention to your surroundings will make your journey a lot more flexible and comfortable.

Like in so many other games, you start with nothing and build up a big arsenal of possibilities. Nothing wrong with that, because that makes games fun. I don't really have anything negative to say in this review, simply because there isn't much. SteamWorld Dig 2 delivered on expectations, so the only thing I could say is that it didn't exceed them and I have a slight feeling of disappointment because of that.

Controls 10 Intuitive and responsive, just like it has to be
when developers don't shy away from tricky level design.
Gameplay   Dig for ore, sell it and improve your equipment. Find gears
and unlock additional perks for your character.
Story   Rusty, the hero from the first Dig, has gone missing. Dorothy
goes on a search that features a few too talkative robots.
Single-player   The mix between vertical digging and horizontal platforming
sections motivates from start to finish.
Multiplayer   Not
Graphics   Not technically demanding. Nice art style
and stable performance secure a good score.
Sound   The simple compositions are memorable and
fit the atmosphere of any given location.
Value   The campaign lasts about seven hours if you follow story
objectives closely. 11-12 hours in total.
Replay Value   This is a well-made game that gives you freedom in the upgrade
path. No other noteworthy incentives to replay.
Score 8 SteamWorld Dig 2 is a sequel that greatly expands on the
foundation laid by the original without deviating too much.

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