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killeryoshis said:
Hey its TalonMan! Welcome back!

Anyway Redout is coming out in October? I remember it was supposed to come out in June. Also Snipperclips has a retail copy? I thought it was a digital code?

Anyway you are not the only one to prefer physical copies. I also buy all my games physical when given the chance. Going digital only always felt shortsighted to me.

Most of these dates come from either Amazon or BestBuy pre-orders I've already placed - are they etched in stone and guaranteed to release? I'm not sure I know for sure, one way or the other. But if these retailers are letting me place orders for these games, I have to assume there is a higher chance of release, than not...  :)

As for Snipperclips - I think this is a more 'complete' version, than the download one (hence, the retail release). 

As for Redout - Amazon has 10/24, Gamestop has 12/31, and BestBuy has TBA - so your guess is as good as mine as to if/when this will actually release! LOL!!