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DiRT 2 (Wii)

The success of the Wii was neither expected nor wanted by third parties, but it happened anyway. Since the console was not to be respected, games were commonly not developed with the Wii's strengths in mind. In the case of DiRT 2 we are dealing with a title that was created with the PSP as the lead platform. This doesn't excuse the lack of transparent glass, but at least it provides a reason for why the rest of the graphics is underwhelming.

In the single-player campaign you get to participate in 40 races spread across about ten locations and 15 race tracks all over the world. Some of the countries feature courses with laps as well as events from point A to point B, but it doesn't make much of a difference. The car select screen doesn't always give you a choice, so you get to confirm the single available vehicle for the race in question. If you think that there are plenty of unlockables, you are wrong. There are only about a dozen of cars in the game, although there is a bit of variety between them because of different vehicle classes. A bunch of paintjobs belong to the biggest rewards DiRT 2 hands out.

The challenge mode features five different objectives with four events each, but that doesn't last long either. Multiplayer exists, but good luck convincing anyone to play to this rubbish game.

While the DiRT IP is an arcade-heavy offspring of the Colin McRae Rally series, the PSP and Wii versions of DiRT 2 completely forego to make damage have any influence on the controls. Careless driving and rail-riding do not have much, if any, negative consequences. There is the odd occasion of a drift feeling good, but it's hard to determine if it's genuinely good or if it only feels that way because of drastically lowered expectations at that point.

If you want offroad racing on Wii, NIntendo's Excite Truck is leaps and bounds better. I would say DiRT 2 blows, but there are no dust effects.

Controls 10 Playable, but with unsatisfying drift controls.
This would have been acceptable in the late 1990s.
Gameplay   The physics are insufficent. The course design is bland.
The damage model is very basic and only cosmetic.
Story   Not
Single-player   Only three opponents in every race.
Rare instances of "This doesn't outright suck."
Multiplayer   Up to four players in splitscreen. No online multiplayer.
It's more fun not to play this game.
Graphics   The lack of transparent glass on the cars highlights
how unfinished the graphics are.
Sound   Music only plays in menus. No announcer
during races. Bland engine sounds.
Value   The stripped down career and the challenge mode
can be finished under five hours.
Replay Value   A game of this quality doesn't invite players
to give it another go.
Score 2 Rushed out to release and it feels like a handheld game
was ported to a home console. And that's what DiRT 2 is.

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