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VGPolyglot said:
BraLoD said:

I'll fear danger if it's a possibility but that's about it, it's a survival instinct.

I have problems with anxiety, but not fears or phobias.

Yeah, I have problems with anxiety too, but I didn't put them in the OP as I wasn't sure if it counted or not.

I'm a pretty curious person so I don't actually fear things, but the potential dangers, as for examples, mosquitos, I kill those bastards without a problem but after I got dengue the first time I got real carefull of them and don't like letting them near me, I don't fear them, but they can fuck me up, do you get the gist of it?

A better example could be spiders or snakes, I can put my face about 5cm of them if I see no danger on it, or even touch them safely, but I'm not doing it if risking being bitten and possible poisoned or even just hurt, 'cause I'm not stupid, lol.

Or heights, I don't fear high heights but I'm not stepping near a cliff and loking down and risk falling, lol, but I can look down from a safe high place just fine, I actually like it xP